Fleming Island Chiropractic For All Your Back Pain Needs


Fleming Island Family Chiropractic is the best place to come if you are having back, spine, or neck issues. This back pain can be stemming from anything, including automobile accidents, pregnancy, headaches, other health issues, and more. For back pain Fleming Island is the best way to find out what is necessary. Our office is located in Fleming Island, FL, and will do our very best to make sure you feel taken care of as part of our family. Our current promotion includes a consultation, exam, and two x-rays of any one region of your spine for only $89.00 (if medically necessary).

Our office is available to help treat your pain, no matter the cause.
One of the most common causes of neck, back, and spinal pain comes from automobile accidents. Car accidents can cause a multitude of injuries that may not even become apparent until months or years after the accident. Anytime you are jolted or hit you run the risk of whiplash. Use our coupon to check anything that worries you and make sure your spine is still in the correct alignment. Even if you don’t feel anything wrong, untreated whiplash can lead to larger problems down the road. For car accidents Fleming Island Family Chiropractic has your best interests at heart, and will work with you until your pain is gone.

Another common reason for back issues is pregnancy. Our clients love their regular spine adjustments and treatments. When you are gaining weight and carrying another person inside, your body is really tested and can often compensate by straining and misaligning your spine. Add to this the often poor posture of those who are pregnant and you have a recipe for back problems. Frequent chiropractor visits will help you avoid these issues and find some relief from the strain being put on your back and neck.

One of our most popular services is that of massage therapy. Our massage therapist at Fleming Island Chiropractic offers a chance to relax while she works on the deep muscular issues that your back and neck may be having. Giving your muscles a chance to rest and to work out the knots and tension points is a good way to rejuvenate both your body and spirit. This safe and effective way of relieving the suffering for those with back pain works for all ages, body types, and health conditions.

Fleming Island Family Chiropractic is committed to treating our patients like family and helping them work through their pain with drugless, alternative care. We specialize in gentle, safe, and effective care for infants, children, and adults. In the spirit of taking care of the whole person as we handle spinal issues, we even offer nutrition counseling. Our practice views our patients as family and we want to make sure you are taken care of. Come in today to receive your consultation, exam, and two x-rays of one region of your spine for only $89 (if medically necessary). We look forward to seeing you, helping you with your overall health, and making you part of our family.

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