Fleming Island Chiropractic

Whether you are suffering with back pain from a car accident or any other kind of accident Dr. Kristen Burke is here to help lessen or even eliminate your pain. Fleming Island Family Chiropractic provides you with an alternative to drugs. We gently and naturally assist those suffering from back pain to find relief.

Car accidents, job-related injuries or just the everyday strains and stresses that our body encounters can cause subluxations. If you receive chiropractic checkups routinely, it can be very beneficial to your overall health. A multitude of our patients return to us saying that they have less back pain, more energy and increased vitality.

We make sure to take the additional time that is necessary to develop personalized treatments to provide our patients the most effective benefits. We work very hard to ensure that every one of your visits with us is an extremely positive experience. We dedicate ourselves to providing all of our patients the fastest pain relief that is possible. We help our patients understand their condition and develop maintenance plans to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Fleming Island Family Chiropractic provides a broad range of ‘chiropractic healthcare services’. We truly believe that our clinic is so successful because of our two most important factors; genuine concerns for our patients’ well-being and the individualized treatment each patient receives at our clinic.

Many of the families residing in the Fleming Island Fl vicinity are searching for safe and natural solutions to help resolve their health issues. Fleming Island Family Chiropractic specializes in safe, gentle and effective adult, infant and pediatric chiropractic care. We also have a Massage Therapist and Nutritional Counselor available.

Massage therapy can help to relieve many painful ailments. Some of the problems that our Massage Therapist in Fleming Island, Fl can assist you in obtaining relief from are:

Arthritis & Tendonitis
Migraines & Headaches
Back Pain
Stress Relief
Muscle sprains, strains & spasms
Pregnancy & Labor Discomfort

So, if you are looking for a Nutritional Counselor, Massage Therapist or Chiro in Fleming Island, Fl, look no further, Dr. Kristen and her staff offer you a friendly, understanding and caring atmosphere to begin your recovery.

Make your appointment today to get started, and then you can stop suffering and begin to heal.

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Our clinic accepts Medicare, Auto Insurance, Most PPO’s, we are a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Provider and we offer Monthly and Family Fee Plans.

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