Chiropractic Procedures can Offer Relief from Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint after a car accident. Even in a minor collision, the massive forces involved in any mishap in a car can wreak havoc on the delicate tissues of your body. In an accident, the human body is thrown forward or to the side. A yank from a seatbelt or a collision with an airbag brings this violent motion to an abrupt halt. These brutal movements can be particularly risky for the neck and back, which are not made to endure sudden collisions. Although a fender bender may seem minor, the forces involved are still enough to strain delicate tendons and jar vertebrae in the neck and back out of alignment.

After a car accident leaves you with persistent back pain, there is only so much that a traditional doctor can do to alleviate the ache. Painkillers are powerful drugs that can easily become addictive. They treat the symptoms, not the cause of the injury. Surgery is expensive and potentially risky. There is no guarantee that a long and painful procedure will provide lasting relief. Fortunately, a trained chiropractor can offer assistance with back pain. By adjusting the position of a spine that has been jarred out of alignment, a chiropractor can reduce pain and eliminate the need for surgical procedures. It is best to seek treatment for back pain directly after an accident, before the injured soft tissue has time to scar or heal irregularly. Fortunately, sufferers of chronic back pain after an accident can get some relief from chiropractic procedures years after a traumatic event.

For those looking for an experience chiropractor, Fleming Island Family Chiropractic is here to help sufferers of chronic back pain. Our skilled chiropractors can treat the symptom of back pain by helping to heal the underlying injury that is causing the persistent ache. Since the spinal column is such a delicate network of soft tissues and living bones, a chiropractor with extensive experience is the ideal solution for back pain caused by a car accident.

In many cases, the original cause of chronic back pain can be unclear. Strain caused by years of poor posture or a tough work environment can be exacerbated by a sudden injury. Pregnancy can put temporary pressure on the spine, especially as a woman gets closer to her due date. Whether or not an injury was caused by a car accident, Fleming Island Family Chiropractic can work to alleviate that pain. These techniques can improve quality of life for a sufferer of chronic pain without the complexity and expense of a surgical procedure.

For patients interested in the benefits of a massage therapist, Fleming Island Family Chiropractic can be of assistance. Massage therapy goes hand in hand with chiropractic techniques when it comes to relieving back pain. The delicate tissues of the back can get relief from a variety of massage techniques, while persistent back problems can be solved with spinal adjustment. Affectionately known as the local “chiro,” Fleming Island Family Chiropractic can ease chronic pain by working with the sensitive tissues of the back and adjusting vertebrae for a better posture.

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