Benefits of Routine Chiropractic Care

It is a given that when someone is in an accident, chiropractic care 

can many times be extremely useful in treating chronic neck and back pain. But, 
what about those of us who have never had an accident; is chiropractic care 
necessary for people who do not suffer with injuries? Actually, even people who 
do not have injuries or any health conditions will benefit from receiving 
spinal adjustments from Dr. Kristen Burke at Fleming Island Family 
Chiropractic on a regular basis.

Our daily lives are full of stressors that impact our bodies in a 
variety of ways. For this reason, regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments are
necessary. Adjustments assist your body by restoring and maintaining 
its balance. People who live active lifestyles will also find that they 
feel better when they are receiving chiropractic adjustments to maintain balance 
within their bodies. Some of these people include; golfers, athletes, parents 
of small children, housekeepers and anyone else whose days are filled with 
physical activity. Chiropractic care from Dr. Kristen Burke is a drug-free,
non-surgical method used to relieve pain and stress while assisting 
with the balancing of your body systems.

Chiropractic care is a healthcare discipline centered on the role of 
the central nervous system and the spine. An unimpaired central nervous system is 
essential in maintaining your health. This is because the central nervous system 
is responsible for leveraging the body’s recuperative power to mend 

Chiropractic care focuses on the connection between the spine’s 
structure and the function of the nervous system. Chiropractors are trained to 
identify and then correct the vertebral misalignments that are causing health 
issues. These misalignments disrupt the neurological
communications that occur between the brain and the tissues, cells and 
organs in your body. These misalignments are gently corrected by the chiropractic
adjustment and its ability to properly realign the vertebrate. 
Adjusting the spine reduces or eliminates the neuropathy allowing the body to
regulate itself, adapt and then heal.

Chiropractic care assists our bodies in many different ways. Many
times regular adjustments improve your quality of sleep, improve your 
spinal alignment which, in turn, maintains the overall health of your nervous 

Chiropractic Maintenance Care Benefits

It has been confirmed by the scientific community that any kind of 
restriction or distortion of our frame has the ability to interfere with our 
nerves. This happens because it disturbs the tone of the nerves similar to the way 
that when notes are plucked on a guitar string the sound changes as the tension 
on the strings is altered.

Regularly scheduled chiropractic care offered by Fleming Island
Family Chiropractic causes significant benefits to your health.
Some of the possible benefits are listed below.

-Adjustments offer relief of prenatal discomfort to assist in making 
pregnancy more enjoyable.
-Regularly scheduled adjustments improve the functioning of your 
nervous system.
-Helps relieve stressors which assist in your body releasing more 
-Adjustments reduce the occurrence of tension headaches and migraines 
that are caused by stress.
-Many people who receive adjustments on a regular basis experience 
increased energy.

A lot of people use chiropractic adjustments as preventative
healthcare. They schedule spine adjusting in Fleming Island, FL 
appointments regularly to ensure optimal functioning of their bodies.

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