Chiropractic Care for Infants.

Infants are some of the most amazing wonders of the world. Their beginning influences their entire life. When an infant is sent through the birth canal its body alignment and structure can be compromised and have major ramifications during its development and throughout their life. We see infants who cry and cry for seemingly no reason yet we must remember that since it is their only form of communication it may be their way of telling us something besides hunger is wrong. Taking your infant to chiropractors like Dr. Kristen Burke of Fleming Island Family Chiropractic can help you decipher your child’s message while ensuring they are healthy structurally.

The treatment of subluxation falls right under the umbrella of Chiropractor care. A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine caused when several of the vertebrae shift out of position and cause pressure on spinal nerves. This pressure negatively influences the ability to successfully transmit the impulses throughout the body. Chiropractors are specifically trained to find those misalignments and rectify them through natural means and delicate manipulation.

An infant’s frame must be adjusted and maneuvered as its delivery path is revealed. This process may result in a misalignment with even the greatest concern and care taken. Misaligned cervical vertebrae could develop into feeding problems, colic, sleep disturbances and restless fussiness for lack of better words.  If undetected in the long run and untreated the results involve lifelong hidden damage.

To find out if a child’s symptoms are due to subluxation it is recommended you contact a chiropractor. Industry leading doctors like Dr. Kristen Burke of Fleming Island Family Chiropractic can examine a child for a spinal misalignment and can implement gentle, mild changes to your child’s subluxations and essentially relieve the discomfort. Chiropractic care serves as a natural selection in the treatment of many baby problems. Your child maybe a few mild adjustments from a dramatically different physical future. Let professionals like Dr. Kristen Burke of Fleming Island Family Chiropractic give your child the care it needs and deserves.

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