Chiropractor Fleming Island, FL: Allow yourself a Healthy Pregnancy with Chiropractic Care


A pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and exciting things to happen in a woman’s life. The idea of bringing another life to this world is a very enlightening one. The process, however, is one that can seriously alter and harm the female human body permanently and painfully if the right steps are not administered. While the fetus develops there will be so many changes both in the chemistry and the structure of the pregnant woman’s body that once the baby has been delivered, the body can never be the same afterwards. This is a scary thought, but the truth is that the permanent changed can be kept to a minimum with the proper chiropractic care.



If you are pregnant, you should be perfectly realistic with yourself. You are going to change, very much over the next nine months. You will not come out the same as you entered. What you should ask yourself is: how would you like your body to end up afterwards? If you think you can handle the changes without support and without some serious professional help, your local family chiropractor would implore you to reconsider. You should visit professionals on muscles, joints, back pain and how a pregnancy can have so many adverse effects on these areas all around your body. Some easy to see examples are your spine, back and ankles and knees. Your spine, because as the baby develops and as the womb grows, the amount of added weight to the lower front of the body will shift your center of gravity and slowly pull your spine to a more curved stance. Your ankles and knees, because the rapidly added weight and shifted center of gravity will not let your bones and joints adapt they will be forced to handle the changes on their own, making joints sore and weak. Back muscles, because the muscles in your lower back are the ones responsible for allowing you to stand up straight and even those with the strongest of back muscles cannot possibly expect to be able to cope with the added localized weight.



Those are just some of the more obviously affected areas on a woman’s body during a pregnancy. Professionals like Dr. Kristen Burke of Fleming Island Family Chiropractic will tell you that once the baby has been delivered there will be some permanent changes. As your body releases hormones and other chemicals to your muscles and joints, they will be allowed to flex, bend and open to angles and positions that make it easier on a pregnant body, but that doesn’t mean they have to snap back into place just because the pregnancy is over. Rather you might have some muscles and joint return to normal whilst others stay awkwardly bent, and you could have a catastrophe of misalignment in your body. It’s all about alignment.



If you are pregnant, contact Dr. Burke at Fleming Island Family Chiropractic and let her take an experienced look at your body and your structure and tell what you will have to worry about during your next nine months. She will keep your structure properly aligned, your joints properly lubricated and your muscles properly relaxed so that as your body changes and your baby develops, both you and your unborn child have a safe, happy and healthy delivery.

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