Sports Injury Chiropractor Fleming Island, FL: Get Sports Injuries Treated Now, for a Happier, Healthier Future

Sports are a natural part of everyday life. If you lead a healthy life every day or if you are looking to lead a more healthy life, exercise is crucial and recreational sports like basketball, football, tennis, and soccer are some of the most preferred ways to exercise. Sports injuries are very common when exerting one’s self in such an activity, and they do not scare people as much as they should. Any injury is serious business, and not treating an injury will mean bad news for your body. Even if we don’t realize any immediate problems, they will come back to haunt you later, it’s just a matter of time. If your body is not accustomed to bending or folding in a specific way and it ends up doing so in a sport, you should feel the need for treatment and rightly so. Professional treatment for injuries will enhance your chances of a safe and wholesome recovery.



The average person, when fully immersed in an exciting and fun sport has many different chemicals constantly flowing through their body while playing. Adrenaline, Lactic Acid and Endorphins are among the most common. The soreness, the panting and the tiredness are normal feelings when playing sports because of these chemicals and your overall exertion. When you twist your ankle on a sprint, dislocate your shoulder on a collision, or even hurt your back from falling, your body will naturally act as if it can continue without a problem because of the chemicals it is inundated with. You will be fooled into feeling like you’re ok, but you are not. There is no shame in pulling yourself out of an activity because you’re hurt. In the long term, a little injury can go a long way, especially with backs. The way you address and injury is imperative to how it will affect you.



If you continue exertion on an injured body part, you are exposing that body part to a world of disaster. You could harm critical tissues or cause muscle damage and even joint damage. Your joints are the only things that keep you moving around and agile, and thus they are constantly being stressed when playing sports. In addition, your back and spine are the only things that let you move around at all, so not taking good care of them in event of an injury will be disastrous. Professional chiropractors like Dr. Kristen Burke from Fleming Island Family Chiropractic have seen it all. She can tell you from experience how important getting professional treatment for serious sports injuries are to your continued health and your spines longevity.



We know when we have just experienced a serious sports injury, and we own the responsibility of taking care of it. Prioritize your health and safety and take care of your body in the event of serious injury. Chiropractic care can give you the counseling, therapy and help you need to heal the right way, right away. A spine or neck related sports injury in Fleming Island, FL needs the knowledge and experience of a chiropractor to prevent long term chronic pain. Get help; don’t gamble with your health contact Dr. Kristen Burke today.

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