Massages Fleming Island, FL: Optimal Health Achieved through Massage Therapy and the Advice of a Professional Chiropractor

While it’s true that massages are a pleasurable experience, the idea of massages as a mere indulgence is inaccurate. Massage therapy from a licensed, seasoned and professional chiropractor can have amazing positive effects on a person’s overall health. Many people will exclaim how much better their body feels after a thorough massage. A chiropractor can manually move core soft tissues in your body in ways that will make your body move painlessly, and more fluidly. If you feel like you haven’t been at your best lately, for instance at work, or while playing recreational sports, then you should seriously consider massage therapy to get your body back in solid working order.
Your body moves because a vast network of muscle fibers and soft tissues like tendons and ligaments work together to make movement happen. These tissues often get sore because they are excessively stretched and even torn over time and as people age, muscles can dry out and become rigid and uncomfortable. A massage therapist from your local chiropractor in Fleming Island can correct this issue by moving your muscles around manually to reintroduce your body’s natural lubrication and regain flexibility and comfort in your body. Your joints, ligaments, and muscles need this special attention at least once in a while because they constantly at work for you. The average person does so much in one day that it is unrealistic to expect your body to maintain its structural integrity without some special care.
Sleep is also important for the health of the soft tissue in your body. Sleep is a restorative time where your brain does not have to focus on any inputs from the outside world. Your brain is able to run a sort of systems check to make sure any problems in your body are corrected. Getting many good nights of sleep for a long period of time can help an active person’s body maintain a very high level of performance. Your brain can repair torn muscles, restore lubrication and heal internal wounds while you sleep. The problem that so many people face is that in their active lives of schooling, working, exercising and studying, they forget the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you have noticed your body being less responsive then you should take a look at your sleeping habits and prioritize sleep a little more and see if your body responds. The results might surprise you.
Another concern that chiropractors have for their patients is water consumption. In our world of sodas, juices, energy drinks and coffees, sometimes people lose sight of the most important beverage, water. Our bodies are almost completely made up of water being used in many different ways in our body. We can lose this valuable water quite easily from day to day contact with the Sun, from working for a long time without drinking and from drinking dehydrating beverages like soda. While other beverages offer their advantages, like sugar for energy and caffeine for alertness, we have to keep in mind the most important drink to our bodies is water. Everyone should have at least two bottles of water every day and even more if in a hot, harsh climate like Florida poses.
Chiropractic assistance can be a big help to your everyday life. Keep your body in working order by consulting DR. KRISTEN BURKE for massages in Fleming Island, FL and see how they can help. You will be feeling 100% better in no time.

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