Back Pain Fleming Island, FL: A Guide To Back Pain

One common misconception when it comes to back pain is that it’s all the same. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. There are several different classifications of back pain depending on the location, severity and duration of the pain. It’s part of a chiropractor’s job to be able to identify all of the different forms back pain can take in order to set the most effective treatment course. Most all adults will suffer from back pain at least once in their life so it’s important to know the different forms the pain can take. 

The first thing to recognize is the location of the pain. The back can be divided into four main parts; the neck, middle back, lower back and tailbone. Each area can experience pain stemming from either muscles, nerves, or bones in the spine. Since the spine is an incredibly complex network, pain that starts out in one area can often move up or down the spinal column. Acute back pain is when a strong pain is pinpointed in one specific area of the back. Acute lower back pain, also called lumbago, is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor or chiropractor. 

There are also different terms for the length of time the pain is felt. Acute pain generally only lasts four weeks or less before it goes away. Subacute pain tends to linger between four and twelve weeks, while chronic pain is anything that lasts for more than twelve weeks. The duration of pain is a significant part of how the pain is treated. 

Most causes of pain, particularly lumbago, are the result of everyday life. Strains and sprains become more likely as we age, thus back pain is more common among older generations. Tweaking your back most often means that there is inflammation along the spinal column which can last anywhere from weeks to months, it entirely depends on the patient. It will obviously take longer to heal if you do not take it easy until the pain subsides. 

Going to the doctor to treat back pain may not be the most effective method. Medications such as muscle relaxants or opiates will work to mask the pain temporarily, but not alleviate it completely. That’s when going to a chiropractor is your best bet. Chiropractors practice tried and true methods for relieving pain such as physical therapy, massages, spinal adjustments, and even acupuncture. All of these methods work to alleviate the pain, not just cover it up. 

Back pain can make living your day to day life completely awful. Knowing as much as you can about what may have caused the pain, where it is located, and how long you’ve been in pain can be very helpful in the diagnostic process. Those who are experiencing back pain in Fleming Island, FL should seek out a professional, such as the chiropractors of Fleming Island Family Chiropractic. They’ll get you back on your feet in no time at all!

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