Massage Therapy

While massage therapy might once have been thought of as an indulgence, we now know that it is essential to optimal overall health. A variety of techniques can be used in massage therapy to manually manipulate the soft tissue structures of the body, including the skin, muscles, fascia, tendons, joint capsules and ligaments. Such techniques can range from relaxing to therapeutic and rehabilitative. Through massage therapy, it is possible to increase overall circulation as well as flexibility and function of the soft tissues. As a result of the stimulating and relaxing massage techniques we offer in our office, you can benefit from an improved overall sense of well-being.

Massage therapy is appropriate for individuals of all ages as well as all health conditions. It has been extensively used to assist in obtaining relief from numerous problems, including:

Our staff has been trained in a wide array of treatments that range from sports injuries to pre and postnatal care. Fascial techniques, Swedish massage techniques, trigger point therapy and rhythmic mobilizations are just a few of the common techniques that may be employed. Each treatment and technique utilized will vary based upon your specific situation. At our office we take pride in working with our patients on an individual basis to discover their unique needs and design a customized approach to treatment.

There are numerous benefits of massage for people of all ages, including improved flexibility and circulation. Massage works to increase the amount of lubrication between the fibers of the muscles while also allowing optimal movement of the muscles. Our muscle fibers have been designed to work completely independently. As the muscles begin to dry out as a part of the aging process, they can stick together. The result is often ridged or stiff muscles. Once fluid has been reintroduced, the muscles then begin to soften and regain flexibility. As the muscle fibers experience increased circulation, it is possible for nutrients to better reach the cells within the body and for toxins to be removed in a more efficient and effective manner. All of this contributes to improved overall health.

Massage is one of the most natural treatments available. A nurturing touch is actually much more powerful than you might imagine. Many studies have now shown that a simple and instinctual touch can help to reduce stress, boost the immune system, reduce pain, alleviate depression and even assist premature infants in catching up developmentally. The simple fact is that without touch, the body begins to close down. As humans, we naturally nurture and communicate through touch. Massage is therefore not just a treatment for a select few, but is a natural part of the healing process that everyone can benefit from. 

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