Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Expectant mothers who visit our office frequently express the importance of their regular chiropractic visits in terms of their health and happiness throughout their pregnancy as well as afterward.

Throughout pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences a number of significant changes. When the body is in alignment and balance and the nervous system is functioning properly it is possible to better adapt to the changes that occur during pregnancy as well as in labor and delivery.

During a pregnancy, an expectant mother’s body releases a number of hormones, including Relaxin, which works to deliberately reduce tension in the ligaments. As a result, the ligaments become loosened to allow increased movement of the connected structures. This is a necessary part of the pregnancy process to allow for the numerous changes that occur to the body. The center of gravity will also change during pregnancy as a result of increased weight as well as the position and size of the baby. The ligaments in the spine will subsequently become relaxed. In addition, the curve of the lower back will naturally increase throughout pregnancy, which can result in leg pain and back pain.

The techniques used in our office are safe and gentle. We offer pre as well as postnatal care to meet the needs of our patients. These methods are specifically designed to provide the most comfortable and effective techniques for bringing the body naturally into balance. Special table positions and pillows can also be used to assist mothers in easily accepting necessary adjustments. We provide a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic procedure to best understand your needs during this special time. Additionally, we are also happy to offer patient education to assist expectant mothers in understanding the benefits chiropractic care can offer to them as well as their unborn children.

Chiropractic care is also appropriate after delivery as well. During this critical time, the body undergoes significant transitions during its return to the pre-pregnancy state. Chiropractic care is essential during this important time as the body heals and becomes re-balanced from the efforts of labor and delivery and the demands of caring for a newborn. A comprehensive chiropractic evaluation is essential to both the new mother and baby, particularly if the baby experienced a breech presentation during birth or other special circumstances, such as forcep delivery, cesarean section, extended labor, vacuum extraction or latching difficulties.

Women today have become increasingly more concerned about their overall health while pregnant. Eating healthy and avoiding dangerous substances are essential to a healthy pregnancy. Mothers today are also becoming more aware of the importance of comprehensive prenatal care and how it can affect the health of their unborn babies. Chiropractic care serves as an integral part of a comprehensive prenatal care plan. Through our safe and gentle techniques, it is possible to reduce stress on the pelvis and spine, promoting healthier and happier mothers and infants. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (904) 264 3770